Become a HFH Fundraiser

Register to become a fundraiser for Hospitals for Humanity. As a fundraiser you can plan activities using the resources we will provide.  By becoming a fundraiser for Hospitals for humanity, you will provide hospitals for humanity more opportunities to raise the money needed to support its mission to provide 250 free Open heart Surgeries per year in the next 5 years. Donations will be used by Hospitals for humanity to covers the following per child: Free Congenital heart surgery, Surgical consumables and supplies, Labs (Pre, Peri, and Post-Op), X-rays (Pre, Peri, and Post-Op), Echo-cardiograms (ECHOs) (Pre, Peri, and Post-Op), Cardiac catheterization, 10 Days of hospitalization in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and step down.

How you can fundraise.

Create a Facebook fundraiser

Learn more about creating a Hospitals for humanity Facebook Fundraiser.

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Fundraise through Whatsapp & social media channels.

Engage your friends using our resources and guides.

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Fundraise through email and phone calls.

Learn more about how you can reach out to your contacts via e-mail.

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Organize a Fundraising Event.

Host a fundraising event with your coworkers, friends, employees or family and collect donations! on our behalf to support our work.

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Bank Transfer Options.


Make Checks Payable to Hospitals For Humanity and send to
Hospitals For Humanity
P.O. Box 370794
Decatur, Ga 30037


Make a wire transfer to our bank Hospitals For Humanity
Bank Name : Wells Fargo
Account # : 5165812644


Make a wire transfer to our bank Hospitals For Humanity Foundation (1K1M)
Bank Name : Zenith Bank Plc
Account # : 1015164848

Hospitals for Humanity is a nonprofit organization with a 501(c)(3) status. Your donations go directly to supporting our programs, including surgeries, purchasing medical equipment and supplies, transporting those supplies and volunteers to areas of need, and providing for the basic needs of volunteers on location.

We are grateful for our corporate and individual donors who make the work of HFH possible.