Crisis Care

At HfH we’re dedicated to helping with more than just ongoing care, we also react to natural disasters and offer our support in countries that are facing the aftermath of such terrible events.

After the Haiti earthquake in 2010, we spent two years offering ongoing support. This wasn’t just to help with those injured or affected, but also to aid the country in re-stabilising their community. The fallout of these disasters can last for a long time and can have a huge impact on the whole of the society, but rebuilding basic infrastructure to help with illness and injury is invaluable.

Similarly, after the typhoon in the Philippines we sent over a team to help every month for almost 2 years, knowing that they needed immediate and longer lasting support so that they were able to build back up their community.

At HfH, our mission is to help those countries that have limited resources medically, and we strive to do this in lots of different ways.

Nigeria Ebola Outbreak, August 2014

  • Distributed 25,000 pieces of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to medical personnel in River State
  • Conducted Ebola Training for 3000 medical personnel over 8 days in River State
  • Conducted Ebola Training for 200 medical personnel for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)
  • Ebola Outbreak Advisory services to the Federal Ministry of Health, Lagos & River State’s Ministry of Health respectively

Haiti – Port-au-Prince Earthquakes, January 2010 & Cholera Epidemic, October 2010:

  • We were committed to 2 years of medical capacity building to address the crisis care needs of Haiti residents.

The Philippines – Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda,

November 2013:

  • We were committed to 5 years of medical missions to address the crisis care needs of Malapascua Island residents
  • Partnered with ‘Rebuild Malapascua’ to meet the medical, nutritional and housing needs of residents.
  • We were committed to working with local alternate medicine practitioners to provide care to Malapascua natives
  • We established partnerships with reputable regional hospitals to provide referral care for Malapascua Island residents
  • We developed plans for building a long-term medical clinic on Malapascua Island as well as medical mission initiatives for chronic needs such as ophthalmology, diabetes and hypertension.

Primary Care & Capacity Building

The primary purpose of the following projects was to address primary care needs and build long-term capacity to create self-sustaining health care systems in areas that were previously underserved.

  • Nigeria – Ophthalmology Medical Mission, River State, 2013
  • Assessed the vision of 2600 patients
  • Completed 400 cataract surgeries
  • Completed 150 glaucoma surgeries
  • Trained local medical practitioners in cataract and glaucoma surgeries
  • Nigeria – Isanlu, Kogi State, Five-Year Building Project,
  • Trained medical personnel at all levels, including doctors, nurses, and technicians
  • Developed plans for and supported the establishment of a permanent medical facility in Isanlu
  • Developed an insurance plan for local residents that made healthcare more affordable
  • Nigeria – Anambra State, 2011- 2012
  • Development of Primary Healthcare Systems
  • Ophthalmic surgeries for over 1000 patients
  • General surgical interventions for over 200 patients
  • Nigeria – Surgical Medical Mission, Osun State, 2011
  • Treated patients requiring surgery for a range of conditions, including hernia and breast cancer
  • Nigeria – Makoko Slums, Lagos State, 2010
  • Completed medical missions to floating neighborhoods in Lagos State to deliver care