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Reach out to us if you are in Africa and your child needs heart surgery.

We believe that no child should pay for open-heart surgery, since 2014 HfH working with a mix of international medical staff from the US, UK and other countries, to date we have: Screened and diagnosed over 1500 children. Carried out 9 PCTSI interventions in Nigeria. Performed Pediatric Cardiothoracic (open heart) surgeries and Cardiac Catheterizations in Nigeria on seventy (70) patients with a 96% success rate at care & management rate comparable to any first-class institution in the world. Apply to add your child to our waiting list, if you have got a child in need of Open-heart Surgery.

FOR PARENTS :  Please fill out the form below to request a  Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery Initiative (PCTSI)