About Hospitals for Humanity

Hospitals for Humanity is a US-based 501(c)3 and registered Nigerian NGO providing free open-heart surgery to children. We are #SavingLittleHearts.

Our Mission:

To maximize positive health outcomes and decrease barriers to healthcare, especially for people living in resource-constrained environments.

Hospitals for Humanity works to decrease barriers to healthcare for people around the world, through a variety of effective, high impact, contextually appropriate programs. Through time-limited Public Health Initiatives, HFH provides immediate strategic and technical medical support to those in greatest need, while using lessons learned during this initial phase to assess the need for construction of health care facilities and training of personnel to lay the foundations for lasting infrastructure that pave the way for sustainable improvement in global health care delivery.   

HFH- African branch is registered as an NGO in Lagos, Nigeria. HFH’s approach to all of its international initiatives, including the cardiothoracic surgical capacity-building project in Nigeria is based upon a grounded, in-country approach developed and informed by it past international work. This five-step collaborative model includes:

Step 1

Identification of local leaders to facilitate both short-term and long-term program outcomes and sustainability.


Step 2

Completion of initial health care needs assessment for the targeted community.


Step 3

Coordination of medical initiative teams from our global partners on a monthly basis, as needed, to perform triage and address crisis care or local needs in the targeted region and train local medical personnel.


Step 4

Identification of pre-existing conditions and/or chronic health care needs to be addressed in the targeted region.


Step 5

Introduction of programs tailored to meet the special needs of the community, i.e. ophthalmology, infectious disease control, cardiothoracic surgery.

Since inception ... 

Hospitals for Humanity has undertaken various time-limited medical initiatives in Nigeria, Senegal, Haiti, Afghanistan, and the Philippines. These initiatives include cardiothoracic surgery, ophthalmology procedures (such as cataract and glaucoma surgeries), hernia and breast cancer surgeries, Ebola training for medical personnel, diabetes and hypertension education and treatment, as well as the establishment of a long-term medical clinic.

HFH has specifically worked in Nigeria on the following health care system initiatives: 

  • Trained local medical practitioners in cataract and glaucoma surgeries in River State;
  • Developed a primary health care system in Anambra State; 
  • Developed plans for and supported the establishment of a permanent medical facility and developed an insurance plan for local residents that made healthcare more affordable in Isanlu, Kogi State; 
  • Conducted Ebola training for over three thousand (3000) medical personnel in River State.
  • Screened over 1500 children with heart defects. 
  • Performed Pediatric Cardiothoracic (open heart) surgeries and Cardiac Catheterizations in Nigeria on seventy (100) patients with a 96% success rate at care & management rate comparable to any first-class institution in the world.
  • Built the capacity of local Nigerian hospitals in the process, one surgical procedure at a time.