Our Story

Hospitals for Humanity began when Segun Ajayi, our founder, went home to Nigeria and fell ill. He was taken to what was supposed to be the best hospital in the area, but he was unpleasantly surprised by how much resource it lacked.

Segun made a decision then and there that this was not going to be the story or Nigerian Healthcare. He knew that he was going to re-write that story, as there was a much better story to tell.

After 5 long years of planning, things started to take shape. But with so many possible approaches, the planning had to be carefully considered in order to find the best outcome. Even when the concept was sorted on paper, the implementation was then another hurdle, especially in an environment like Nigeria.

Logistics were also only one consideration. Practically, we knew we had to fundraise and get people on board with our vision. We could only be successful if others shared in our vision and helped us with our journey. We needed others to support us who understood what we were trying to achieve, and we have had some fantastic support that we are very grateful for.

It’s only through faith, determination and pure hard work that Hospitals for Humanity is now saving and changing lives across underserved countries. As an organisation, we are dedicated to helping these children. Whatever we have to do to give them their lives back, that’s what we’ll do.