Our Story

Hospitals for Humanity began in 2006  when Segun Ajayi, our founder, was faced with an unpleasant hospital experience in his home country, Nigeria. He fell ill and was admitted in what was claimed to be the ‘best hospital in the area’. Unfortunately this hospital lacked even the most basic medical resources. Segun decided that the Nigerian healthcare story should not be one of lack and inefficiency and was determined to rewrite the story, and tell a better one.

After 5 years of planning and preparation, the seed of change had begun to grow. Things began to take shape and Hospitals for Humanity started its operations. In an environment like Nigeria, project logistics and implementation  was a hurdle, however HfH was hopeful for the best outcomes even in resource constrained situations.

With a lot of  fundraising and a continuous diligent search for well meaning organizations and individuals who are focused on health related issues and social impact in Africa and Nigeria particularly, we got as many people on board our vision.

Today, HfH’s success is hinged on a shared vision and effective collaboration among volunteers and various stakeholders who together believe that there is a need to ensure no child dies because of a deficient health care system. All this is possible with the support of individuals who understood the assignment and are just as passionate about the mission. We are very grateful for each one of them.

Through faith, determination and hardwork, Hospitals for Humanity is now saving and changing lives across underserved countries. With over 100 free pediatric cardiothoracic surgeries and more projects under our belt, we continue to display an unrelenting dedication to helping children. We are braced and ready to give our all to ensure that children get the best quality of life possible through all our interventions.

Since inception ...

HFH has conducted a variety of time-limited medical initiatives in Nigeria, Senegal, Haiti, Afghanistan and the Philippines (i.e., cardiothoracic surgery, ophthalmology (cataract and glaucoma surgeries) and hernia and breast cancer surgeries, Ebola training for medical personnel, diabetes/hypertension education and treatment, the establishment of long-term medical clinic, etc.).  In addition to those time-limited initiatives, HFH has specifically worked in Nigeria on the following health care system initiatives:

Trained local medical practitioners in cataract and glaucoma surgeries in River State;

Developed a primary health care system in Anambra State;

Developed plans for and supported the establishment of a permanent medical facility and developed an insurance plan for local residents that made healthcare more affordable in Isanlu, Kogi State; 

Conducted Ebola training for over three thousand (3000) medical personnel in River State.

Screened over 1500 children with heart defects.

Performed Pediatric Cardiothoracic (open heart) surgeries and Cardiac Catheterizations in Nigeria on seventy (70) patients with a 96% success rate at care & management rate comparable to any first class institution in the world.

Built the capacity of local Nigerian hospitals in the process, one surgical procedure at a time.

Our Current Immediate Goals

Every year, 85,000 children suffer from Congenital Heart Disease, yet in most African countries, fewer than 112 pediatric open-heart surgeries are performed annually. Hospitals for Humanity's Pediatric Open-Heart Initiative is a program specifically designed to address this issue. Our immediate goals are as follows:

  • To provide yearly, pediatric open-heart surgery for 250 children with Congenital Heart Disease in Nigeria for the next 5 years.

  • Skill and knowledge transfer from our US-based team of experts to Local medical staffs in Nigeria as they will work in hand on procedures.

  • Reach the most vulnerable children irrespective of proximity with no cost to the child or parent.

  • Increase the awareness of CHD symptoms within communities.

  • Decrease children mortality rate and increase the Human Capital Index (HCI) Nigeria.

Save a little heart

1000+ Childrenin our waitinglist need you!

Currently, we maintain a rotating list of over 1000 children in our database who have tested positive for Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) and urgently require open-heart surgery. This list is dynamic, as sadly, at least one child on our list passes away each week.

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