Medical Missions

Medical Mission Initiatives

HFH fulfills its goal to provide quality health care, medical education and equipment to under-served areas through its Medical Mission Initiatives. HFH helps build clinics and hospitals by collaborating with hospitals and medical supply businesses in medically-advanced countries, international donors, and local authorities. We then furnish the clinic or hospital with supplies, state-of-the-art medical equipment, and technologies. These medical establishments serve as training facilities for future physicians and as models for future clinics and hospitals.

The clinics and hospitals provide the opportunity for medical students, doctors, and health care volunteers from all over the world to contribute their expertise and services to people living in under-served countries, as well as empower these nations by providing jobs and research opportunities, thereby improving the medical education offered in these countries.

To volunteer on an upcoming MMI, please complete our volunteer application.

Upcoming MMIs:

Manila, Philippines: April 26–May 4, 2014